Aeolos Bollard Light – The Charm of Light

The Aeolos collection of bollard light designed by Eway keeps evolving in terms of technology and shape,
as well, by keeping an elegant design to be integrated with the architecture.We developed a new
innovative optic system able to guarantee super visual comfort, excellent horizontal effect with high
interdistances and two lighting distributions

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The Great Breakthrough You've Been Waiting For !

CitySoft® Post-top is inspired by Nature & Trees. It is an efficient, future-proof and sustainable
post-top luminaires. Perfect for diverse technical-decorative pole lights needs, give the urban
citizens a natural and comfort experience. CitySoft® post-top lighting is the one post light you
will love at the first sight.

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The Soul of the Cities- A Post-top luminaire Beyond Illumination

Post-top lanterns is a pole-top ambiance LED lantern luminaire. The Post-post Lanterns emit a soft, glare-free illumination
to create an appealing pleasant atmosphere with its own color signature. From the city outskirts right through to the city
center, the CitySoft® LED Post top Lanterns offer a palette of landscape lighting effects with a unique contextual and aesthetic
touch. Giving the cityscape a coherent, elegant and discreet identity.

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A New Concept of Grace and Aesthetic

Post-top luminaire is a doozy signature for any outdoor landscapes and streetscapes.
CitySoft® Post-top lights present a new paradigm for urban street lights in aesthetic and
comfort. It is an attractive post-top lighting featuring futuristic designs that brings together
extraordinary performance and timeless elegance.

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Awash Your Fields with Brilliance

LED sports lighting industry becomes more and more prosperous with higher requirements and more challenges.
Eway Stadium sports lighting system brings a lot of technical innovation to the field lightings by ultimately minimizing
the light pollution, spill light and glare. Available with wide range from 100w to 1500w with high quality and reliable
10 years warranty



Designer . Manufacture . Illuminator

Taking pride in being the first CCTV (China Central Television)authorized China Credit brand enterprise in led lighting industry, Eway has dedicated itself to commercial lighting , office lighting ,public lightings, and landscape lighting. integrated with R&D, Manufacturing, sales and service for 10 years. TUV ISO9001 qualified, In-house brand Products owns more then 20 patents and exported to more then 20 countries. Our goal is not just to make you excel in your fields but also to sustainably benefit from creating a growth win-win strategy together.



With a passion for Illumination and innovation, by design, technical and attention to details and performance. But most importantly–by intention behind them. They are created Brilliant and Superior to increase more value for products and customers.

CitySoft Post-tops

CitySoft® Post top Lights

The Nature of the light,Performance with Aesthetics / 25w 35w 60w 80w LED Post-top Lights

CitySoft® Post top Lights

CitySoft® Post top lights is high versatile area lighting solutions included Post-top lights, Street Lights, parking area lights, Catenary luminaires and Canopy. The Post-top luminaires are excellent combination of 
Excellent User-Friendly Construction Design
Superior Lighting Properties
Unparalleled illumination
Infinite Control
Low Energy Consumption
Long Lifetime
High visibility
High Degree of Visual Comfort
Available with 25w 35w 60w 80w with ETL  PSE TUV CE IEC SAA C-tick RoHS Certificates.  It is a never seen before concept that brings new light on city’s character and unique ambiance.  
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Sports Lighting Family

LED High Mast Light

Awash Your Projects with Brilliance / 100W 300W 500W 800W 1000W 1500W High Power Stadium Sports Lighting


Eway is committed to offering the right supplement stadium sports lighting and accent lighting solution with better performance, superior efficiency and longer life. For sports stadiums, collegiate ball fields, municipal/community recreation venue, professional levels, Architecture, construction area, large /open fields etc. whatever sports lighting might acquire , we can help you with the right stadium sports lighting solutions.
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LED Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting

More choice, More Professional, More Savings / 25w 40w 60w 80w 100w 120w 150w 200w 240w Led Street Lighting

High Quality LED Street Lighting

Roadway street lighting plays an important role in both security and decoration of busy streets and its surroundings where visibility is essential. Street lights project is a big investment in both money and time, so find the right street lighting solution is challenging. Eway is high quality and project oriented street light manufacture. at Eway, we make it easier, safer and secure for you. We offer an extensive portfolio of modern roadway & street lighting that gives businesses the freedom to light their exterior exactly as they choose.

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Aeolos Bollard Light

Aeolos Bollard Light

Your lighting tool for Pathways and Squares / Invisible source & Glare-free LED Bollard Light

Aeolos Bollard Light

The Aeolos bollard light vividly connects paths and squares outdoor areas, is designed for uniform illumination. Thanks to the innovative optic design, this Bollard Light ensures good visual comfort conditions for passers-by and vehicle drivers.
Invisible led source
Horizontal Excellence, No shadow
High luminous uniformity and high interdistance
Luminaire spacing of up to 10m is achieved without compromises
Innovative optic design prevents emission of light above the horizontal
Excellent glare control
Extremely Visual Comfort
Available with 10w 15w 20w 24w 30w 36w 40w with 3 construction size 280/600/900mm Bollard Light height; 180° to one side for paths and 360° for open areas. The Aeolos collection of bollard light designed by Eway keeps evolving in terms of technology and shape, as well as by keeping an elegant design to be integrated with the architecture.
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artmis Linear Light

Artmis Linear Office Lighting

Powerhouse for Linear Aesthetics / Wide Flood/Direct/Indirect Cut-off 30° Beam angle 50°/90° UGR<16 130LPW/ Versatile,Elegant, Suspension, Recessed, Surface mounted Linear Light

Artmis Linear Office Lighting

A highly purist appearance but with extremely flexible light effects-this is the concept of Artemis Linear luminaires. With slender and minimalist luminaire body, she is ideal for architectural lighting and prestigious offices.

Superior office lighting performance with linear profiles and Flood, direct/indirect illumination
Cut-off 30° Beam angle 50°/90° UGR<16 130LPW
Linkable without limitation
Versalite with extremely variable
Infinite Control with PIR/Motion sensors, DALI, Wifi control and Constant CCT adjustable
Long Lifetime L90B10 ≥ 50,000 hours at Ta=25℃
High Degree of Visual Comfort
Available with 0.6m 1.2m 1.5m 12w 24w 38w 58w

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Hebe panel light

Hebe Led Panel Light

Versatile Light for Modern Work, An independent design for efficient and ergonomic Light in office / Cut-off 30° Beam angle 90° UGR<16 130LPW/ Versatile,Elegant, Suspension, Recessed, Surface mounted panel Light

Hebe Led Panel Light

Hebe Led Panel Light offers a particular efficient for standard-complicated office workspace Lighting. The concise appearance with striking anti-dazzle louvre make Hebe a statement that standards out from conventional office luminaires

Quick Replaceable LED Modular and easy maintenance design
Cut-off 30° Beam angle 90° UGR<16 130LPW
Superior illumination with excellent visual comfort
Infinite Control with PIR/Motion sensors, DALI, Wifi control
Constant CCT adjustable
Long Lifetime L90B10 ≥ 50,000 hours at Ta=25℃
Available with 600x600mm 1200x300mm

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PCXX Post top lanterns


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Aeolos Bollard Light

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♦♦♦♦LED Street Lighting
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S2021 Rola Street Lighting


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LED outdoor lighting


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