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Eway Profile
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Eway Culture

Customers come the first

At this rapid-developing world, the mature commercial society mainly result from the idea of “ providing product and service for client and thinking out of the clients’ demand and try best to meet it.”

The only reason for Eway survival is to offer excellent service to our customers. We insist on client-oriented and quick response to customer needs, continuing to create long-term value for customers and customer success. Providing effective services to customers, is the direction of our work and evaluation criteria. Our clients’ success is our Eway success!

We must gradually have had the concept of client-oriented, customer service and customer demand into the mind of our staff including the sales, R&D, engineering, QC, PMC, Production department, the purchaser, warehouse, the financing, the human resource and the administrator etc., through various form of training, education, learning, rewards and punishments, system or other methods, and makes them be the part of each staff’s daily work and then cultivate habits, then become of our Eway unique and core competitiveness.

Facing our clients, we especially our marketing and sales personnel, must have a long-term vision, strategic thinking,
win-win concept.

We must be able to help our customers and cultivate our customer, when necessary to sacrifice part of our interests, to enable our customers progressively to grow up, and to make our customers more competitive. We must form a community of interest with our customers tightly. We are bound together for good or ill

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Eway pursuits to make our clients’ dream come true in the led lighting industry.
We inspire to build our own brand in the international lighting market through hard struggle, then to make our business ideal and career goal come true.

Hard Struggle

The people who without any resource and background but possess the worldly ideal, career goals, long for respect and recognition, the only way to make these come true is hard struggle. However, the key point of “hard struggle” is firmness and perseverance. We must always adhere to the “hard work” passion and will. Always keep in mind the hard work during these years. Only in this way, can we really enjoy the fruits of the struggle, and continue to grow and prosper.

In addition, we do not have any scarce resources can rely on. Only hard work can help us earn the respect and trust from our customers. Struggle embodied in all small activities, in creating value for the customer, as well as in the preparation process for full efforts to improve ourselves

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No matter we are on the beginning of the start-up, development path, or dominating the world, the “people-oriented” mind is the source of Eway life, is intended as the foundation for our survival, development and achievements and is also the root of all achievement we obtain. Loyal, responsible, effective managed employees is our greatest wealth. People-oriented, respect each other, collective struggle and not give way to meritorious employees is the cause of the inherent requirement of sustainable growth

Profit sharing

We adhere to the basic profits allocation mind and management system of “The remuneration is paid by contribution and responsibility”. We will treat all our employees equally, equally and reasonably share our achievement according to their responsibilities and contribution.

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Eway company is responsible for the customer, for the employee and for our products and service
Be responsible for customer
Be responsible for employees’ material life, spiritual life and career development
Be responsible for our products and service

Our staff is responsible for our clients, for our company, for our family and also for ourselves
Firstly, be responsible for our customer
Secondly, be responsible for our company
Thirdly, be responsible for their own learning, growth and promotion
Fourth, be responsible for family

Details are as follows:
Responsible for their own salaries
Responsible for the work and contributions
Responsible for their team
Responsible for all the details of their work
Responsible for each assigned work and task
Responsible for mistake
Responsible for providing recommendations or suggestion for the management of the company
Responsible for the superior
Responsible for subordinates
Responsible for colleagues
Responsible for company property and cost


Eway team members must work towards the same objectives and direction. Do not allow half-hearted staff be there. Does not allow the staff who is exaggerated, unrealistic, no operational capacity or fickle exist.

Eway team members must always transmit positive energy and optimistic mood; Do not allow to transmit negative feelings  and negative information at any time.

Eway team members must be healthy, kind and objective. We forbid conveying false information, transmitting distorted information and spreading unconfirmed information; A malicious incitement will be never allowed in the team; And the staff who tried to discord or subvert the team will be dismissed; Only the staff who achieve good performance and also possess good values will win the most awards, the most of opportunities and greatest promotion

We want to use the values to achieve common understanding, by seeking unity to affect everyone’s behavior and finally form a joint force.

All Eway members must possess the spirit of “showing sword”. An ancient Swordsman dare to show his sword when he met an opponents on a narrow pathway, no matter how powerful the opponent was, even he knew that he had not a chance of winning, even would dead under the opponent’s sword. Though failed, he still won the respect. This is the spirit of “showing sword”

Mutual assistance
Cheers to each other when we win, and when it fails we’ll save it in desperation. Don’t let any member in the team fail

culture 6

Wolf culture

We pursue the wolf culture. Our people should know how to think about, should have a clear understanding of themselves, and be steadfast in work and be diligent in life. Our employees should continue to work hard, stick to innovation, to be highly competitive. Our employees should do as what they say, be honest and supportive

Our staff should constantly pursue for work and career and always accept challenges
Our employees should have the indomitable, selfless, tireless attacking spirit, never give up until achieve the goal
Our employees should face the difficulties, frustrations, and opponents with peace of mind, strong will and strong power of attack, to defeat all with our courage, perseverance and thought. Our employees should be loyal to the company, and should have the spirit of selfless dedication to our career
Our employees should have strict discipline and obedience, under the established rules, to strongly identify with the company
Our employees should cooperate and coordinate, unite as one. We should give full play to group fighting spirit and the power of teamwork.

Therefore, our staff should be an intellectual talent to be a competitive, cooperative, obedient and loyal. Going through thick and thin together, collaboration, collective struggle is the soul of Eway