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Eway Profile
Quality Control
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Quality Control

Quality System

Following  TUV ISO9001 2015 system, Eway insists on extreme high quality standards and strict quality control process to assure constant high standards products and service.

Quality Goal:

1. On time delivery rate≥ 95%
2. Products passing rate per batch ≥ 99%
3. Customer satisfaction rate ≥ 98%

quality control

Quality Team

We have 10 staff in Quality control department. They meeting 2-3 times every month to discuss, report, summarize and impove based on quality issue and customers’ feedbacks. 

What they do :

1. Process performance and product conformity
2. Status of preventive and corrective actions
3. Follow-up actions from previous management review
4. Changes that could affect the quality management system
5. Recommendations for improvement

Quality Control Process

IQC Incoming material inspection——Storage

PCBA test
constant temperature and humidity

PCBA must be 100% tested and make sampling integrating sphere test for each batch

Sensitive material like LED chips, PCBA and other electronic components are vacuum stored in the constant temperature and humidity chamber

Driver, Housings, Cables and other raw materials sampling inspection according to GB/T-2828.1-2012

IPQC Product process quality control

IPQC online inspection

Each order there is IPQC supervise the whole production process and for some special products or orders product engineer will supervise too

100% QC inspection during the online production process

Order first sample position:
1. To assure the production is same as the first sample
2. After the production, IPQC will check the last sample to make sure it is the same as the first sample

Aging testing

1).Outdoor ≤200W 8hours continuous lighting- 8hours Pulse-aging, on/off per 3mins-8hours continuous lighting, 100% total 24Hours aging test
2). 300-500W 16hours continuous lighting- 12hours Pulse-aging, on/off per 3mins-16hours continuous lighting, 100% total 44Hours aging test
3). 500-1000W 20hours continuous lighting- 16hours Pulse-aging, on/off per 3mins-20hours continuous lighting, 100% total 56Hours aging test
4). ≥1000W 24hours continuous lighting- 20hours Pulse-aging, on/off per 3mins-24hours continuous lighting, 100% total 72Hours aging test
5).Indoor  3hours Pulse-aging, on/off per 3mins-5hours continuous lighting, 100% total 8Hours aging test

IP65/IP66 testing

Each order for outdoor Lighting, after the aging test, make IP65/IP66 testing 1hour per 1pc till all the aging test is finished

FQC Finished product inspection


100% inspection for end products, included appearance, function test, reliability test with strict high quality standards

Integrating sphere test Each order will make integrating sphere test. One day test 2pcs, each order must be tested ≥1pc

First Sample assurance

Each order the first finished product will be tested and inspected firstly with all above process included labels and package

Inspection record form must be signed by QA and related Sales to make sure the product is exactly correct and matched with clients’ requirements

IES testing

Every customized products order, every new products order, or every order which chips or optic lens is changed, or every order which requested by customers, must make IES testings after the first sample finished

OQC Outgoing Quality Control

Each order will be carefully inspected again before entering warehouse. Sampling inspection is following GB/T2828.1-2012 standards

QC stamp on the qualified products and allow shipment

Goods will be well protected and put on pallets safely then carefully loaded

Quality assurance Facilities

Integrating sphere

Integrating sphere

Goniophotometer IES Tester

High voltage Insulation tester

High voltage Insulation tester

Drop Tester

Drop Tester

Salt spray tester

Salt spray tester

Earth resistance tester

Temp & Humi Progammable chamber

IP66 Tester

Insulation resistance tester

Insulation resistance tester