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Aeolos LED Bollard Light– The Charm of Light

A lighting tool for Pathways and Squares

The Aeolos led bollard light vividly connects paths and squares outdoor areas: two light distributions and three construction sizes enable nuanced lighting designs with just a single luminaire range. The bollard light innovative optical lens creates either light distribution aligned at 180° to one side for paths, or 360° light distribution for open areas. Aeolos bollard light system is designed for uniform illumination in both of these applications. Bollard luminaire spacing of up to 10m is achieved without compromises in terms of glare control.

Unparalleled illumination

The Bollard Light optic design along with the dark ring adopted prevents emission of light above the horizontal. Good visual comfort conditions for passers-by and vehicle drivers is ensured thanks to the optic system designing.

Aeolos Bollard Light 2

Regular led bollard light without Super Comfort technology
Performance ? Glare, Shadow, Non-uniform horizontal illumination

Aeolos Bollard Light 3
Aeolos Bollard Light 6

Eway Aeolos New led bollard light With Super Comfort technology
Invisible source, Visual comfort, No shadow, Horizontal excellence and Uniform

Aeolos Bollard Light 4

Aeolos Bollard Light Story

The Aeolos collection of bollard light designed by Eway keeps evolving in terms of technology and shape, as well, by keeping an elegant design to be integrated with the architecture. We developed a new innovative optic system so that this Bollard light is able to guarantee super visual comfort, excellent horizontal effect with high interdistances and two lighting distributions.

Invisible source
The optic is optimised to completely hide the light source from view.

Visual Comfort
Invisible source even in compromise situation such as sitting position.

Outstanding Uniform lighting on the ground

Horizontal Excellence
Illuminate the horizontal plane by eliminating the shadow at the base and perfectly patterning the light,
from the points closest to and farthest from the pole uniformly.

Aeolos Bollard Light performance 1Aeolos Bollard Light performance 3
Aeolos Bollard Light performance 2Aeolos Bollard Light performance 4

Eway form design freedom

Aeolos Bollard Light - A new vesion of high-class LED Bollard Luminaire

180° asymmetric and 360° symmetric optics

Aeolos Bollard Light is for led outdoor lighting fixture, ground and floor installation, with 180° asymmetric and 360° symmetric optics. The Bollard light is controlled and emitting by means of a special designed optic system, and be secondary optimized by a dark-cone of glare-control, and onto the surface to be illuminated. This bollard luminaire is for usage in the modular LED bollard concept. The adopted LED technique offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption at the same time.

Excellent Construction Design

The bollard light led modular are directly mounted to upper housing thermal pad for optimal thermal performance. Molded high grade water-tight silicone gaskets between the upper cover, optical lens, the cone, and the bollard, throughout insures the sealing and provides ingress protection.The bollard light optical assembly is installed on the lower bollard by means of a bayonet fitting and fixed with three sets of torx screws.

Durable resistance 

Stable mechanical system prevents damage from installation generated vibration. The bollard is anchored to the ground by means of the fixing base made of die-cast aluminum alloy with low copper content, resistant to corrosion.The external aluminum parts undergo a multi-step pre-treatment, it utilizes premium ultra-weatherable polyester powder coatings to withstand extended outdoor exposure, providing excellent resistance to corrosion, atmospheric agents and UV rays, degradation and abrasion. The good film appearance combined with excellent mechanical and exterior exposure qualities display greater than twice as much gloss retention.

IP66 & IK10 rated

The bollard light luminaire is under protection of IP66 rating, maintaining strength and precision to sustain long term dayform appearance and service life. Aeolos Bollard light is IK10 rated enclosure protects electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts. The bottom part of the optical compartment has a nickel-plated brass cable fixing connector rated IP66 and outgoing rubber cable. The electrical connection requires IP connectors to be ordered separately. All external screws used are in stainless steel.

Visual comfortable

This bollard light is specially designed and manufactured exterior Polycarbonate Optical lens controls excellently the brightness, wide spread distribution and uniformity. Aeolos Bollard light delivers visual-comfort elements and ensure glare-free illumination, providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere to your space. The optical lens is high degree UV resistant and fire rated, strong enough to withstand extended outdoor exposure for long time durability, as well as high impact resistance.

Dimmable control

The bollard light electronic control gear offers regular ON/OFF, 1-10V Dimmable, Timer dimming and DALI control for your application needed. The DALI control gear adopts TRIDONIC LCO excite NFC outdoor LED driver, for more information please refer to TRIDONIC data sheet Integral 6KV surge protection offered as standard, 10KV offered as customized to be ordered separately.

Aeolos Bollard Light Luminaire

Capable of eliminating the risk of glare and providing uniform horizontal illumination

1.Upper cover --- Corrosion-resistant casting aluminum, No-Rinse surface treatment; Dual powder coating finish Graphite grey RAL7024 color; Outstanding Integral heat sink as the thermal management system supporting Max 40watts power.

2.Optical lens --- Made of Polycarbonate. Patented design Specially for wide spread illumination and Glare-control performance, as well high light efficiency. UV Stabilised, Vandal and Heat resistant robust, Fire resistant; Suitable for outdoor application with long durable life-time

3.Anti-glare cone --- Corrosion-resistant casting aluminum, No-Rinse surface treated; Dual powder coating finish Matt black color; Glare-free above the light aperture

4.LED module --- High-power LEDs: warm white 3000K, neutral white 4000K, or cool white 6000K

5.Surge protection device --- 10kV SPD, ordered separately

6.Control gear --- On/Off, 1-10V dimmable, DALI controllable, Timer dimming for option

7.Bollard --- Corrosion-resistant aluminum profile, No-Rinse surface treatment; Dual powder coating finishing Graphite grey RAL7024 color; Optimized surface for reduced accumulation of dirty.

8.Junction box --- IP66, ordered separately

9.Base plate --- For mounting on accessories; Mount accessories to be ordered separately

Aeolos Bollard Light 8

Aeolos bollard luminaires with180° wide Asymmetric light distribution (h =900 mm) enable uniform path lighting with luminaire spacings (d) of Ideal at 7m, and might be up to 9m.

Arrangement: d ≤ 7m

The 360° Symmetric light emission of Aeolos bollard luminaires lends itself to the uniform illumination of squares and open areas. The spacing between two luminaires (h =900 mm) is Ideal at 8m, and might be up to 10m.

Arrangement: d ≤ 8m

Modern Architecture Design

Invisible Source & Glare-free Bollard Light

Integration with architecture

Compact and elegant design with round shaped bollards in relation to different architectural elements. New finishings to harmonize with several outdoor spaces to be integrated into architecture even during the day. Ideal for urban and residential settings.

Aeolos bollard light luminaire
Invisible source & Glare-free
Create comfort to your environment
Protect your safety