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Groundbreaking Creation

CitySoft® Post top Lights is groundbreaking creation and one of the most versatile and inspirational urban amenity light family designed and manufactured by Eway to date. Brings new light on city’s character and unique ambiance. These attractive decorative-technical post top lights blend in harmony and integrally with diverse urban landscapes for both historic and contemporary.

Unparalleled illumination

Optimized for cut-off, brighter, cleaner, softer, more uniform, more efficient, low glare and less pollution. CitySoft® Post top Lights efficiently extract more clean light on the roads and away from residential properties.

Visual Comfort

Engineered with special diffuse lens and precision optic configuration CitySoft® direct high degree visual comfort and uniform illumination without compromise efficiency. Outperforms other competing Post top lights with overall value and unforgettable visual experience exceeded illumination.


Smarter city, cleaner environment, CitySoft® post top lighting echo the smart city call. The modularity design of the post top lights adding new innovations with intelligent control capability. Realized design freedom and control freedom for on/off switch, dimming detective and address, efficiently manage energy consumption and maintenance. CitySoft® Post top Lights is the future-proof ideal toolbox for every urban context.

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CitySoft® Post top Lights Numbers

The Next Big Amazing LED Post top Lights

High Versatility


Versatile Dayforms


CitySoft® family available a variety of dayforms for post/pole top light, street/road light, arm mount/wall mount area and site lighting, Catenary light, Low bay and Garage light. Each form available with 2 versions, Anti-glare version with diffuse optic element to enhance ambiance, High efficacy version with lens optics for walkway and pedestrian. More choice, more possibility.

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Optical Control


Optimal Optic Choice


Coming with wide range of lens optics to match international road and street metrics. standard comes with T2, T3, T4, T5 and a variety of optics available for customize. Precision optic configuration direct efficient uniform illumination, perfect balance between visibility and glare. Choose CitySoft®, use the less post top lights fixture to save more from the beginning.




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PCXX Post top Lanterns TYPE

Energy Saving


Energy Consumption


CitySoft® Post top Lights deliver industry leading efficacy up to 150lm.w. Lower energy consumption by up to 93%, significant decrease in emissions of CO2 as well as ensure a rapid investment payback and sustainable benefiting. Give the city a cleaner and greener tomorrow.


One Time Investment, A LIFETIME TO ENJOY

Lifetime Chart

L70 at 25℃


The CitySoft® Post top Lights is designed to aim at maintenance-free. Leds lifetime is over 180K hours L70 at 25degree, long lasting then 41 years with a 12 hours daily use. Eliminated re-lamping cycle, saves a bundle on labor and materials cost. One time reasonable investment and a constant benefit for a lifetime.



Design Patents


 The whole series owns 10 patents, 7 Utility Model Patents 3 Appearance Patents. Unique design, less homogeneous competition. CitySoft® Post top Lights is just different, just outstanding. It’s belong to Eway , now it could belong to yours.

CitySoft patents


Buy Quality-NO HASSLE



CitySoft® Post top Lights owns international standards ETL PSE CB IEC SAA C-tick CE RoHs and IP66 IK09 LM79 ISTMT TM21 test reports and a variety of internal testings. Eway strict quality control, high level quality standards and inhouse testing labs and facilities to assure stable high level performance and appearance quality. Buy quality, NO HASSLE. CitySoft® is your next BETTER post top lights choice.

More Reasons

Brilliant Choice, BRIGHT FUTURE

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Excellent Construction Design

♦  Corrosion resistant construction, maintaining strength and precision to sustain long term dayform appearance
  Aluminum die-casting is designed as one-piece with internal cooling fins
  Stable mechanical system prevents damage from installation generated vibration
  Molded silicone gasket throughout insures the sealing and provides IP66 ingress protection
  Tempered glass with IK09 compact resistance

AKZO Powder Coating

Utilize premium ultra weatherable AKZO polyester powder coatings to withstand extended outdoor exposure,providing excellent resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet degradation and abrasion under 10 years lifetime
Good film appearance combined with excellent mechanical and exterior exposure qualities display greater than twice as much gloss retention
♦  Standard coating with salt spraying 1000hours testing

Infinite Control

  0-10V & 1-10V dimmable,DALI Control gear,Timer programmable
  Photo sensor control 3P 5P 7P NEMA Socket & Twist-lock Receptacle
  Integrated Microwave Motion Sensor and PIR Sensor available
  Zigbee wireless control available

Easy Maintenance

♦  Self cleaning, CitySoft® post lights construction is designed to prevent water and dust accumulation
  Support Rods, Inside support rods is convenient to maintain the housing open without extra tools
  Replaceable driver, control gear and led modules
♦  Built in Power-off protector, Power supply Is cut-off after open the lamp, maintenance can be carried out without danger

CitySoft® Led Post top Lights |Urban amenity lighting


Eway is committed to offering the progressive solution for urban amenity lighting system. Not just simply lighting but more value about beauty, comfort, clean and smart. Eway CitySoft® series is highly recognized for innovative design, aesthetic appealing, brilliant illumination, visual comfort and future-proof smart control. Say hello to CitySoft® now, welcome to the future of LED Post top lights.

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MB3F Post top

MB2F Post top

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PCXX Post top

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PG1F Post top

PGDS Catenary Light

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MBLD Post top street light F
PGXH Area site lighting F
PGLD Post-top street lights F

MBXH Arm Mount

MBXH Arm Mount

PGXH Arm Mount 

PGLD Street Light

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MBDS Garage Light

PGDS Garage Light

MBDS Gatenary Light