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Post-top street lights PGLD | Urban Amenity Street Lights | CitySoft®

PGLD Post top street light DES

Just Brilliant, Just Comfort

PGLD post-top street lights is our outdoor lighting solution for low-medium power road & street lighting needs. The CitySoft® knuckle slip-fitter post-top street lights bring architectural style to area/site and pedestrian scale lighting applications. Good design is coming from human and movement. The post-top bracket is inspired from the bone and joint of human body. Installation angle can be adjusted freely with clear scale to illuminate where it needed. The rounded head is simple lines just meets the minimalism design concept we pursue. Eway patented post-top street lights is redefining the outdoor street lighting trends and performance metrics.

Perfection in Technician

CitySoft® post-top street lights feature an exclusive light signature with ingenious designing of optics. Exceptional illumination of this post-top street lights deliver brighter, cleaner and softer lighting with high visual comfort. Various horizontal and vertical beam lighting with uniform distribution efficiently to cover diverse street light metrics. This post-top street lights fixture offers lumen package range from 3,000lm to 10000lm. Targeted for 2.5m(8ft) to 6.0m(20ft) mounting heights. High brightness of post-top street lights enhanced public safety and security. CitySoft® post-top street lights is idea for small parking lots, drive lanes, building entrances, pathways and bicycle paths etc. applications.

Future-Proof Street lights Within Your Budget

To response on the call of smart city,  CitySoft® post-top street lights enable large capability of dimming options and smart control units. Providing a unique, intelligent , scalable lighting solution to modern city life. It is a future-proof street lights solution within your budget. Let’s work together to transform outdated street light system into an autonomous, maintenance-free network!

Design Concept

CitySoft® Post-top Street Lights – Simple But Not Simplistic

Post-top Street Lights 1
Post top Street Lights 4
Post-top Street Lights 3
Post-top Street Lights 2

Features and Benefits

 Bring city street lightings with stylish architectural form with self cleaning
Choice of 30+ different optics to cover any road lighting requirements
Turtle-Friendly Amber color light solution and High CRI Ra 90 optional
High efficacy up to 140lm.w, Soft illumination with glare control
Reduce re-lamping frequency
Tool free entry, driver unit and control gear replaceable for easy maintenance
Both post top and side entry mounting
♦ Quick installation and Freely position adjustment
Smart control Future-proof solution
Fast payback of Ownership


 Urban Roads, Urban landscapes
Amenity Street Lighting
Residential, commercial, municipal and campus districts
General site/ area lighting
Parks, gardens , yard and plazas
Pedestrian walkways lighting
Parking areas light
Riverside, lakeside, seaside,  green belt
Security lighting
Urban decorative post lights




Energy and Maintenance Savings

Input Watts 25W 35W 58W 78W
Type II 3586lm 4874lm 8189lm 10530lm
Type III 3260lm 4068lm 7349lm 9292lm
Type IV
Type V 3648lm 4973lm 8203lm 10318lm
L70 (Tc=25℃) 180,000H 175,000H 173,000H 100,000H
L80 (Tc=25℃) 120,000H 110,000H 70,000H 60,000H
L90 (Tc=25℃) 60,000H 58,000H 55,000H 40,000H
up to
Energy Savings
up to
L70(Tc=25℃) Lifetime
up to


Smart City, Smart Lighting

Dimming option

1-10v / DALI Dimming
Timmer programmable


3P/5P/7P NEMA Socket
Photocell on/off  Dimming

Microwave /Motion Sensor
On/Off & Dimming

PIR Sensor

PIR Sensor
On/Off & Dimming

Zigbee wireless

Zigbee Wireless Control


Versatility and Uniformity

LD Post top street light Mounting


CitySoft Post-top street Lights is Qualified worldwide

ETL Post top
PSE Post top
PSE Post top
IEC Post top
CB Post top


The Brilliance Of the Post top  Street Lights Is Here

Model EW-S101PGLD-X025 EW-S101PGLD-X035 EW-S101PGLD-X060 EW-S101PGLD-X080
System watts: 25W 35W 58W 78W
Efficacy (LPW): 135-145LPW 120-145LPW 125-145LPW 120-135LPW
Input Voltage: AC100-277V / AC347-480V for option
Colour temp (K): 2700K /3000K /4000K /5000K/6000K  Amber color available as optional
CRI (Ra): Ra>70 as standard    Ra>80 Ra>90 available for custom
light distribution: Standard Type II-S /Type III-S /Type IV-S /Type V-S  A variety of optics as optional
Lifetime : See above table data
IP Rating: IP66
IK Rating: IK09
Dimming Option: 1-10V(0-10V), Timmer Programmable, DALI Dimming
Sensor Option: Photocell on/off, Photocell Dimming, Microwave Motion Sensor, PIR Sensor
Wireless Control Zigbee wireless, IoT devices control
Surge Protion: 6KV as standard built in the driver, 10KA 20KA SPD as option
Fixture Colour: Bronze(RAL8019)  Grey(RAL9007 )   Black (RAL9005)
Operating temp (°C): -40~45℃
Effective Projected Area: 0.51 (Sq. Ft.)
Mounting: Post top Spigot : 60mm (2-3/8’’)  76mm (3.0’’) / 89mm (3.6’’) as adaptor
Net Weight: 8.15kg
Warranty (YRS): Standard 7 years /Customized 10 years
Certifications: ETL  PSE TUV CB CE IEC SAA C-tick LM80 LM79 ISTMT TUV ISO9001
Nominal Wattage Light distribution 5000K
Lumen(lm) BUG Rating
24w Type II 3586 1 1 1
Type III 3280 1 1 1
Type IV /
Type V 3648 2 1 1
35w Type II 4874 1 1 1
Type III 4068 1 1 1
Type IV /
Type V 4973 2 1 1
58w Type II 8189 2 1 2
Type III 7349 22 1 1
Type IV /
Type V 8203 3 1 1
78w Type II 10530 2 1 2
Type III 9292 2 1 2
Type IV /
Type V 10318 3 1 2
PGXX T2 light distribution PGXX T3 light distribution PGXX T5 light distribution
LD Post top street light packing

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