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Projection Light EcoSport S042B -Reliable and Affordable Led Projection Light with Narrow Beam

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Features and Benefits

Very narrow spot 6.5°beam and narrow spot 15° beam
The housing is exceptionally weather-resistant
Double powder-coated, Corrosion-resistant, Rust-proof
Built-in respirator to adjust temperature different to avoid atomization
IP66 protection
Strict shocking test passed to ensure safety
Light weight for easy installation


Large Architectures
Accent lighting
TV Towers
♦ Skyscrapers
♦ Large building, Piazza, harbors and airports
Construction area




The Brilliance Of the EcoSport S042B Projection Light Is Here

Physical Ratings

Type Bracket mounting
Materials Aluminum, Copper and Glass
Color BLACK offered as standard, WHITE for options
Protection IP66 / IK08
Input cable 3*1.0mm2 VDE approval leads, Length=30cm

Optical Ratings

Optics 6.5° and 15° for 100W 150W 200W and 300W; 8° and 15° for 400W and 500W
Photometric Refer to the bottom of this sheet or contact manufacturer for full report
Light source Citizen 100W CLU048-1212; 150W CLU048-1812; 200W CLU048-1818;

Citizen 300W CLU058-1825; 400W CLU058-3618; 500W CLU550-3626

Luminaire output efficacy 105+ LPW for 100W, 150W and 200W at 4000K/5000K

100+ LPW for 300W, 400W and 500W at 4000K/5000K

CRI Minimum 80 CRI offered as standard
CCT (3000K, 4000K, 5000K) +/-300K offered as standard

Electrical Ratings

Input ratings 100-277Vac 50/60Hz.  347V-480Vac 60Hz contact manufacturer for inquiry
Power factor >0.92 at full load
THD <10% at full load
Input power 100watts, 150watts, 200watts, 300watts, 400watts and 500watts
Dimming protocol 1-10V & 0-10V offered as customized
Dimming range 10-100%
Controls DALI control gear contact manufacturer for availability
Controls Daylight sensor and Motion detection sensors contact manufacturer for availability

Ambient conditions

Operation Temperature rated at -30℃ to 35℃ and Humidity rated at 20-95%
Storage Temperature rated at -40℃ to 55℃ and Humidity rated at 10-95%

Led Projection Light l High power shoot light tower Lamp | EcoSport S042B

Led Projection Light within Your Budget

EcoSports S042B narrow beam Led Projection Lamp is an important element for urban Architectural,Landscape accent lighting and long distance projection Lighting applications. EcoSports S042B Projection light is a reliable and affordable led accent lighting projectors luminaire within your budget.

Professional Narrow Beam Focus Lighting Illumination

coSports S042B Led projection light comes with very narrow spot and Spot distribution with narrow beam 6.5/° 15° . It is an ideal LED projection light luminaire for long distance projection lighting illumination requirements of large architecture, buildings, Skyscrapers, TV towers , airport etc. EcoSports high power narrow beam projection light adopts COB chip package as the light source. Lumens package from 100W to 500W with up to 110LPW efficient to replace up to 1200W HPS/HID fixtures in architectural focus accent lighting applications.

Realiable Stable Quality with Long Lifetime

coSoprts narrow beam led projection lamp also dramatically reduce maintenance and energy cost . Constructed from top quality components, EcoSports high power shoot projection light with advanced superior thermal management system, to support long lifetime and stable performance with a rapid return on investment. When comes to long distance narrow beam high power shoot projection light, EcoSports led projector is your budgeted choice.

S042B Projection Light Photometric
S042A Stadium Lights Dimension
Wattages L Dia.
100W 450mm 360mm
150W 450mm 360mm
200W 450mm 360mm
300W 485mm 360mm
400W 576mm 360mm
500W 606mm 360mm
S042A Stadium Lights Dimension 2
Wattages L1 L2 L3 D
100W 180 100 50 13
150W 180 100 50 13
200W 180 100 50 13
300W 180 100 50 13
400W 225 155 77.5 16
500W 225 155 77.5 16

Unit: mm

Order code Wattages Inner box Shipping carton Measurement Volume G.W.
EW-PJL-W10042A 100W N/A 1pc per carton 45*45*46cm 0.093CBM 8.5kg
EW-PJL-W15042A 150W N/A 1pc per carton 48*45*46cm 0.100CBM 9.0kg
EW-PJL-W20042A 200W N/A 1pc per carton 45*45*46cm 0.093CBM 9.5kg
EW-PJL-W30042A 300W N/A 1pc per carton 48*45*46cm 0.100CBM 12.0kg
EW-PJL-W40042A 400W N/A 1pc per carton 52*45*51cm 0.121CBM 16.0kg
EW-PJL-W50042A 500W N/A 1pc per carton 58*45*51cm 0.133CBM 16.8kg




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