Street Lighting l Outdoor Led Area & Roadway Lights l GraceRoad S2016

Cleaner , Brighter and Smarter

Our goal is to make a better Roadway and Street lighting featuring future cleaner, brighter, smarter as well as affordable. GraceRoad Led Roadway & Street lighting is a highly efficient outdoor area lights solution for roadways and city streets. This Street lighting is at a perfection combination of public safety and investment payback. The slim clean lines of GraceRoad and roadway and street lighting styled elegantly to any modern architecture forms.

Engineered Excellently

Equipped with a full range of optics and lumens packages GraceRoad Street lighting is able to accomplish replacement of various outdated conventional cobra head street light fixture. As well meet all the different street lighting distributions requirements in compliance with the strictest roadway lights reference standards. The compact, slim street and roadway light luminaire is made of quality aluminum materials with IP66 ingress protection. Superior thermal management maximizes the whole luminaire lifetime and improves the street lighting system efficacy.

Sustainable Energy Savings

And being a future-proof roadway and street lighting LED solution, it requires flexibility of smart control system. GraceRoad Street lighting can transmit data wirelessly with Zigbee and other iOT system. The street lighting fixture can be accessed and controlled from anywhere, creates an intelligent network in your smart city. Dramatically reduces energy consumption and operation and maintenance cost and ensures full payback within a short period of time.

Features & Benefits

GraceRoad S2016 Street Lighting – Modern Intelligent Control Street and Roadway lighting

Features and Benefits

Attractive Modern styling with clean lines
Tool-free easy maintenance on site
IK08 impact consistence with tempered glass
Versatile optics element to meet requirements of different road lightning applications
Warm color Amber color solution offered without sacrifice efficacy
Significant energy savings with high efficacy 140lm.w
Reduce re-lamping frequency
Glare suppression
Both post top and side entry
Design freedom future-proof solution


Pathway Lighting
♦ Roadway Lighting
♦ Major roads, Minor roads
  Residential areas
♦  Parking lots, drive lanes, entrances, building perimeters

Technicals & Specifics

25w-200w Led Street Lighting with 130-140LPW  SAA CE certificates

The GraceRoad Street lighting luminaire delivers superior illumination with multiple optics control to meet a vast majority of challenging street and roadway lighting requirements. High level of uniformity and visibility, the result is better street and roadway light with enhanced visual comfort, reduced glare — all while using less energy.
♦ Up to 140lm.w high efficacy
♦ Standard with Type II III V, and customize optics on request.

Wired 0-10V & 1-10V dimmable, dimming range from 10% to 100%
DALI Control gear dim-to-off
Timer dimmable with 3 timer modes
3P/5P/7P NEMA Socket & Twist-lock Receptacle with Photo sensor control–on/off,Tri-level dimming , DALI control and zigbee control gear
 Occupancy Microwave Motion sensor and PIR Sensor–tri-level dimming
PIR Motion Sensor with Bi-level dimming and as option Bluetooth add-on enables remote sensor programming
Intelligent & Smart City management compatible and flexible

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  GraceRoad Street and road light is ultra modern architectural lighting solutions with fluid streamlined design and expectional illumination.
♦  Tool-free access for easy maintenance on site
♦  Die-casting aluminum housings with IP66 ingress protection, fashion grey ultra-durable powder finish, provide for excellent resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet degradation and abrasion.
♦  Standard comes with Light Grey body color ,while RAL or Special AKZO Powder Coatings for Seaside application available on request.

+ Projected L90B10≥50,000 hours at Ta=25℃

+  LED failure rate 0.1% ≤ 50,000 hours

Projected Driver failure rate ≤ 0.1% per 5,000 hours

5 Years warrantyand 7 Years warranty is availability as customized requests

Projected L90B10≥50,000 hours at Ta=25℃
 ♦ LED failure rate 0.1% ≤ 50,000 hours
Projected Driver failure rate ≤ 0.1% per 5,000 hours
7 Years warrantyand 10 Years warranty is availability as customized requests